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Advisory Committee

Advisory committee

An advisory committee (AC) meets once a year to review the necessary development and changes to SCAN. Its activities encompass topics like: the development of SCAN 2.1, computer programmes, algorithms for ICD-10 and DSM-IV, the policy as regards further dissemination of the SCAN, establishing of new training centres, etc.

The present members of the AC

Laura Andrade (Sao Paulo, Brasil)
Terry Brugha (Chairman, Leicester, England)
Nandini Chakraborty (Secretary, Leicester, England)
Somnath Chatterji (Bangalore, India)
Wilson Compton III (St Louis, MO, USA)
Gabriel A. de Erausquin (Vice-chair, Harlingen, TX, USA)
Assen Jablensky (Perth, Australia)
Venos Mavreas (Athens, Greece)
Ole Mors (Vice-chair, Aarhus, Denmark)
Fokko Nienhuis (Groningen, the Netherlands)
Alan Romanoski (Baltimore, MD, USA)
Bedirhan Ustun (WHO, Geneva, Switzerland)

Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry